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Multi Format, Tool & Platform

We support about 70 file formats & tools. Also, Style Guides, Glossaries, Translation Memory. Tool integration. Learn more >

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Transparent & Prompt Reply

Prompt reply. Prompt quotation. Keep track on agreed project & issue process. Any data or report required. Learn more >

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Service Level Agreement 

We can customize your timezone, time of delivery, workload, quality assurance process and service level agreement (SLA). Learn more >

Pricing per Expertise and QA process

Only Translation

  • Best for : Reviews, Descriptions, Social
  • Only Translation by 1 Linguist
  • Post-translation Quality Assurance Check
  • QA are managed by continously improvement

One-round Checking

  • Best for : Guides, Articles, Publishing, Manuals
  • Translation & Editing by 2 Professional Linguists
  • Post-translation Quality Assurance Check
  • Support on working hour

Full QA Process

  • Best for : Static content, Marketing, FAQ
  • TEP by 3 Professional Linguists
  • Post-translation Quality Assurance Check
  • Support 24/7

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More than 500 happy customers.

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VNLOCTRA provides essential platform for our project management. Things are better organized and more visible with it.

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Odoo Members 

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Who should apply?

This role is for experienced professional translators only. 

We look for individuals with great attention to detail, always striving for high standards.

Successful applicants must have friendly and efficient communication skills, and must be available to answer the majority of queries within 24-48 hours.

What is the role?

Our Senior translators are responsible for maintaining high standards for our translations in each language.

They work for a monthly retainer, and use a special section of the website to administer tests and answer customer support queries.

It's ideal for you if you'd like to contribute to an exciting project and earn some extra income.

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